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Beyond the border who knows

From 6 to 12 September 2015, the spaces of the nineteenth-century Villa Filiani in Pineto (Teramo), will welcome “beyond the border”, solo show of the photographer and graphic designer ROBERTO SALA, whose paradigmatic title, chosen for the exhibition, in the direct quote of a verse of the song La casa di Hilde by Francesco De Gregori, condenses the poetic content of his shots, defining at the same time the thematic scope of research.

His photographs, an expression of his presence in places and cities that are symbols of the contemporary art world and also evidence of his life, linked to his particular profession, invite the viewer to question the question of the lability of borders and their overcoming . The images proposed are as real as they are ideals, where Sala’s goal, in highlighting the geometries that characterize urban landscapes, buildings and monuments that identify them, and which are also his compositional figure, fades into the concept of crossing. A border, therefore, can become permeable, expand, even cancel itself out. By passing the thresholds of vision, Sala gives an image of different and new ones, thus placing the individual conscience on what lies beyond a hypothetical line, and therefore presupposes the recognition of the identity of the other.

The place that hosts the exhibition, Villa Filiani, becomes the emblem of an expanded entity, which sees in the cross-border an intention, a push towards the future. “Beyond the border who knows” is edited by M. Letizia Paiato, and is promoted by the City of Pineto in collaboration with the Yoruba association of Ferrara.

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